The ‘Brandenburgische Sportjugend’ is an umbrella organisation covering youth work and sport activities for the young people from over 2600 clubs in Brandenburg. The work of the ‘Brandenburgische Sportjugend’ is guided by the aim to use sport as a tool for youth work. It is not only the aspect of fun that comes up, furthermore, the youth is supposed to have a place where they can plan and spend their spare time in a sensible way. , The ‘Brandenburgische Sportjugend’ offers numerous projects regarding sport, youth-work and social-youth- work.
Our projects, corresponds with the interests of children and especially teenagers inside and outside of the sport- organisations. Crime prevention, integration trough sport, street soccer for tolerance, mobile street projects, camps, spare-time activities but also education are some of the mile stones of our work. The “Brandenburgische Sportjugend” has many partners abroad and is always looking for new partners, new ideas for exchanges, international seminars and conferences.
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