Sisu is the educational organisation attatched to the Swedish Sport Confederation. We are working in the district of Vastergotland. The main aim and objectives is to work with Sport Clubs and Sport Federations, like Football, Handball and about 68 sports more. SISU – sport adult educational and training organization has the mandate to work with the education, training and development within the sport, the largest social movement in which more than 3 million of the population are included as members. There are 21 districts that are working to develop the sport clubs available throughout Sweden.
In Västergötland, we work with special district federations and sports clubs and is a „sports active” district with more than 1,500 active clubs and about 20,000 nonprofit leaders who work together to create a good environment for children and young people and actively helps to create a good public health. If SISU is to be a resource in this work, so is the local presence is an important prerequisite. SISU in Västergötland has built an organization where training consultants are locally located on a total of 14 branches in the district’s 27 municipalities making SISU to a unique educational association.

SISU National

At the national level, working to develop and support the federations and acts as a support and resource for the sports federations and member organizations that want to develop their organization and activities. On a national level, it has also an extensive course and convention programs. It is implemented development or training programs, will participate as coaches and interlocutor, process and project leader and lecturer.
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