StreetGames is the leading UK charity committed to ensuring disadvantaged young people lead healthy active lifestyles. Our focus is only on the UKs most disadvantaged areas, with a huge market of over 2 million young people who experience fewer opportunities than their more affluent peers. StreetGames ensures a youth led approach to all of our work and services. We develop healthy active lifestyles through the provision of regular local youth led activity, developing youth leadership and youth volunteering in all of our projects, and developing healthy behaviours and active citizenship which has a direct impact on employability and access to the labour market. The paradox in the UK is that disadvantaged young people are keener to take up new activities and leadership opportunities than their more affluent peers – but social and economic circumstances mean there are fewer opportunities for them.
StreetGames is working hard to resolve this situation. With over 700 community based partners, we have already helped over 425,000 young people to adopt healthier, active lifestyles, contributing to a lasting legacy following the highly successful UK 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We use new and innovative youth led approaches to create new youth leadership in disadvantaged areas. StreetGames has an annual turnover of over L6 million, over 70 staff with a mix of full time and part time. We are fully audited annually by Sport England for finance and governance, and have been positively rated for the past two years. StreetGames currently manages 11 major income streams of public money grants and commercial sponsorship.  
Europeiska kommissionens stöd till produktionen av denna publikation utgör inte en uppgift om innehållet som endast återspeglar författarnas synpunkter, och kommissionen kan inte hållas ansvarig för användning som kan göras av uppgifterna i den.