The world has stopped moving.
Physical inactivity has become the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality, causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally. European countries inc. Poland are no exception. We are all sitting on the inactivity timebomb. It is estimated that inactivity is responsible for 7.4% of all deaths in Poland – which is equivalent to around 28,500 people in 2012. Researchers argue that today’s kids will have shorter average life spans than their parents by 5 years! These are lives which could have been saved if these individuals had adopted lifestyles involving the requisite levels of physical activity.
Therefore the mission of V4SPORT is to get people get up and moving. In order to achieve this goal, we base our work on the 5 pillars.
Advocacy – it is our goal to put physical activity higher on the agenda of public, private and NGO organisations. We use the results of the research to convey the message.
Research – V4SPORT is part of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, in which 38 countries from around the globe use the same methodology to study the physical inactivity of kids. The common methodology allows us to compare ourselves to different countries but moreover to seek for the most succesful intervention projects. We have just launched the Global Report Card during the ISPAH Congress in Thailand in November 2016.
Innovative Social Campaigns – we develop and implement innovative projects and campaigns that are delivered with Partners from many countries.*
Cross sectoral cooperation – in V4SPORT we believe that in order to dismantle the inactivity timebomb, we need to create a cross sectoral partnerships in which private, public and non-governmental organisations would develop new ways of combating inactivity.
Capacity building – in our organisation we believe in the need of strengthening grassroots sport organisations by providing leadership, education and training as a result of which they would be able to deliver more succesful projects and campaigns. V4SPORT is a member of ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association which has a gobal outreach with more that 230 members.
Europeiska kommissionens stöd till produktionen av denna publikation utgör inte en uppgift om innehållet som endast återspeglar författarnas synpunkter, och kommissionen kan inte hållas ansvarig för användning som kan göras av uppgifterna i den.